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Read the news on AIG carefully It seems in my experience the Federal Reserve of New york (aka the genuine central bank regarding USA) is rendering $ billion to AIG for any orderly sale of assets in place of fire sale. An orderly sale will mark down many other banks' assets. An orderlywill prevent the destruction of various banks' balance bed linens. In the close, AIG will still have to sell most from its operations and repay its creditors along with liabilities. The Fed (ie the taxpayers) gets whatever is placed if any. hilarious. temporary stopgap to allow CDS unwind nothing more. Derivatives are the problem. AIG is not passing 'more gracefully' courtesy of Billion of your money which you will never see again. In the words of Steely "They got it made for the winners within the world" YeshExactly! AIG will sell whatever is profitable, then use that proceeds to coastline up its COMPACT DISKS obligations while at the same time trying to have fun those credit default trades. AIG is currently insolvent, although techniy not bankrupt thanks to the Fed. Actually I think the lyrics are: They've got a name for that winners in the world (But) I need a name after i lose, They Alabama the Crimson Tide me Deacon Blues.... These words can also apply to the present situation. The Bush economy Damn, all this could've been avoided. Is theredamn thing, eventhat hasn't turned to help funny cards halloween funny cards halloween you shit since Plant took office? I'm afraid nobody is going to be able to avoid this meltdown. McCain or. It's such a shame. I hope those people in Florida the fact that voted for Nader during are happy. Just kiss that $ billions good cya. Ohio is a Most important State, because the last Presidents won Ohio, while Winning the majority of Electoral Votes Countrywide!!!

what do i need to do before weeks vacation? Shall I power down the water? Where will be switch located? Considerably more than simply turn the h2o off, shall I actually turn the heat tank off? TIA! Or perhaps done something like that in the last? Previous experiences may well be helpful. Ha ', it is pal from the land Orlando what means when you claim this? Go fuck you, assholeOh my benefits, Ha Ha, what�s meant Orlando jimmy when saying this thing as that? no such expirence, May well also be ways, to repeat this in a means which is physiy helpful. dallas can have quite cold -- freeze pipes It's possible you'll google for property foreclosures house maintenance. They often turn off almost all utilities and prepare plumbing and lavatories in special strategy. DON'T BUY BITCOINS YOU ACTUALLY DUMBASS SERFS!!! Take advantage of the money we management!!! We will continually own you!! You are likely to always fuel your subjugation of indigenous peoples! Do NEVER question the rank quo you slime! Most people vile sacks connected with shit!!!! How DARE people question mighty Israel utilizing your bitcoins!!! If I catch you along, maybe I'll present Dachau type bathtub, if you hook my drift. All the best,'s boss Netanyahu plus every Zionist stooge Raised on chair ever PS -- We own anyone! This message is definitely backed by Thought Yentlno, dumbass great, value-conscious people. I'm not really yentl nor thought, and I couldn't post that. Usually I'll fit a schnicky-doo-schneimie in that room. or a Flibbo-flabbeaux shimmy-shammy. CAPACITY TO THE PEOPLEAlthough continue to very volatile bitcoin guaranteed Reid says brand-new areas such as signed off for a debt ceiling ag "The. Senate's top Democrat says brand-new areas such as signed onto some sort of debt ceiling contend with President Barack not to mention Republican leaders, possible approval of his or her caucus. " AND NEXT THE SOCIALIST HOZE PROCLAIMS FAR MORE BOECHIT IS DEAD AHEAD SO IS A wwwwwwwwwww"House Democrats won't back debt option: Pelosi" WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats their home of Representatives might decide to not ever support a last-minute deal to increase the debt ceiling if they meet on Sunday, House Democratic Director Nancy Pelosi reported on Sunday. OH THAT TRASHY HOZE AND WHAT WILL SHE FUCK UPWARDS NEXT "HI, SO I AM NANCY, MY PLAN IS ALMOST ALWAYS TO DOOSH THIS SUCKER SIMILAR TO A BOO-SNABBY -- RETURNING ATCHA, BONER! inches.

Containers ships How do I seek the advice of shippers or brokers for container ships on the Black Sea? My business partner in Russia likes to try importing utilised cars. is he travelling to send you traditio delivery food tempe delivery food tempe nal bank checks also for more in comparison with thier worth and you'll have to send the differance time for him? Nut along with Vegie potato recipe skin potato recipe skin Burger Recipes? I need a new nut burger together with vegie burger formula for visitors. I researched a few on the net, but I desire a recipe that possesses really worked effectively for someone that you would serve to guests. TIA! xposted through food and veganTry the July/Aug issue connected with vegetarian times Recs on a ni greatest super bowl greatest super bowl ce ham mornay? Suitable food for New Year's Day (but definitely not the *big* dinner). Creative ideas and what works? (Ham I have you will find there's packaged - lbs. Kunzler turkey ham Thi secret garden amputee secret garden amputee s breadmaker by mistake--is that will acceptable? ). Thanks a lot!

Looking for a position in plan management for increased end custom contractor or remodeler. Virtually any advice for mlm opportunities besid handle tennis rackets handle tennis rackets es merely cold ing or even pounding the pavement? yeah, go with your local.... county contractors webiste and commence emailing your Resume' with the companies that are known for what you implement. I found the email addresses i wanted on my Ventura Local Contractors Association website and i hadpossible tasks starting in January. from all associated with my work being pro-active without having it waiting until organization ad is shared.

Making plans for Jobs on Cooperate Day "August is the thirty-fourth 30 days of disappointing occupation growth. A, private sector payroll opportunities were created in August depending on the Bureau of Toil Statistics. Continuing the final world tran rmation in the US labor force established through Bush recovery, the fresh new payroll jobs tend to be concentrated in family nontradable services. Health reform and social assistance are the cause of, of the fresh jobs. Employment services and additionally temporary help provided are working for, as did monetary services. Construction included, workers to payrolls. Thesepayroll classifications be the reason for % of continue months net unique bengal leopard kitten bengal leopard kitten jobs....................... "Wish My partner and i your crystal pool balls. brown shirts are clearly with the majoritywere you this stupid prior to accident? or were an individual born with tunnel vision together with a spoon in ones ass? I love the important points that you show! No, instead you just try to slander me. Unfortunately, reality are the points: most Americans you should not support your take on the economy or the task situation. As each of our Guvenator would tell you, you are any economic girlie-man! Look into the glass half-full in lieu of half-empty. Confessions golf balls seriously golf balls seriously of any Economic Girlie-Man The economic macho men find it very differently. Demure inflation, high output, and relatively low unemployment are typiy emblematic of what they will great strength. Not are twin cuts worth worrying pertaining to, especially if they dont possess the immediate consequences connected with pushing intermediate and longer-term interest higher. Little do that macho men have a clue how grateful they are towards the Japanese and the Chinese because of this break on US home interest rates. The dollar is actually strong because The states is strong. Etc .. Todays US economy is in addition depicted by typiy the macho man as being extraordinarily resilient -- especially on the aftermath of the bursting of your stock market bubble, that terrorist attacks associated with, and widespread business governance scandals. Expressly many of the following ilk, the basic persona of todays YOU AND ME economy is portrayed within a different light: As Governor Schwarzenegger stressed around the Republican National Meeting, ultimately, its everything regarding faith -- values in free small business, faith in the resourcefulness from the American people and faith in the states economy. This borrows a page right right out of the script of the reccommended philosophy of this Bush Administration. Faith-based analytics get little tolerance regarding measuring economic progress because of the traditional metrics in GDP growth, using, income generation, state saving, and loss. This America is special.

natural gas prices will they ever go down? If not does which means that inflation? Where works miracles place to keep money in periods of accelerating inflation? They can be down now, as compared to say the ohydrates or is to go up. Mohammad Khatami is going to hold talks having Do you presume any thing could happen from this getting together with? stagflation we are actually pro'bly entering stagflation, that is certainly the worst connected with deflation and inflation: rising prices (really resulting from rising money provide, thank u mr. greenspan)but never relative rising paycheck; and rising jobless (eventually)... i suppose spreading ur cash around energy carries like chevron-texaco, and new strength techs like fuel cells is appropriate,,, also, panamerican silver is a wonderful stock (symbol PAAS)If I said realty... ... I'd only unveil the bubbleheads. But real residence is where you should be when the us government starts cranking in the printing press to monetize the big national debt. As long as gas prices, when i was filling in place kitchener hockey team kitchener hockey team my tank at present at $, I was pondering all that "no maintain for oil" discussion. Well we've storage shed the blood, and we don't need the oil! What's going on with that??

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